nursing caring for resident

Our facility revolves around our residents and the nursing department. We employ Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Clinically Evaluated Nurse Aides (C.E.N.A.). We continue to be one of the largest employers in Schoolcraft County.

Schoolcraft Medical Care Facility is the only Skilled Long Term care facility in the county providing short-term rehab as well as being here for those that may need extended stays. We accept a variety of insurances along with VA.

Quality and Continuity of care is our constant commitment and goal. Our staff provides the total nursing needs to our residents to maintain quality of life which meets their individual standards. Licensed Nurses provide medications, treatments, contact physicians, monitor charts and document information for continued care of our residents. C.E.N.A.’s provide care on a daily basis to ensure optimal physical and psychological well-being.

Our Restorative staff works closely with our Physical and Occupational Therapist to increase and maintain mobility and independence.

We currently have a wheel chair accessible van for assistance in transporting residents to and from appointments.

Our nursing department strives on working with all departments to ensure that residents are given every opportunity to reach their full potentials. You may call the Director of Nursing Vicki Sherbook, RN at anytime M-F with your questions or concerns.

Memory Lane

We have a 19-bed special needs unit where residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia can thrive in a safe and secure environment. The SNU offers a wide arrange of activities and events for the residents to enjoy. The residents are able to garden or take a walk and enjoy the great outdoors in their own private courtyard. The courtyard has a beautiful gazebo where residents are able to relax and socialize.

Each resident is closely monitored and when a resident is no longer benefiting from this environment a decision may be made to move them to our general nursing unit. If you have any questions feel free to contact Elisabeth Wood, Unit Manager (M-F) with your question and concerns.

Dietary Services

We have a beautiful dining room; full kitchen staff including cooks, servers, licensed dietician and a registered dietitian, Denise Greff.

Church Services

We have religious services in our chapel during the week to accommodate all denominations and in-room services when needed.

U.P. Rehab Services

Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Therapy

U.P Rehab Services is the largest locally-owned and therapist-managed rehab provider in the Upper Peninsula. Our philosophy is to provide each individual with the quality care and time that is needed to promote functional outcomes for our residents. There has been an evolution of rehabilitation services provided in nursing center settings. Nursing centers are no longer a place to end your life, but rather a place to restart your life.

THERAPY benefits for our residents:

  • Immediate admissions are available 7 days a week
  • Access to therapy services (PT, OT, and Speech) 7 days a week
  • Access to U.P. Rehab’s specialty Rehab to Home Program
  • Individualized, high-intensity therapy is available for up to 100 days
  • Long-term residency available without having your patients leave the facility
  • Long-term therapy available under the Medicare B program
  • We communicate with your primary care physician so they are informed of your progress

NURSING CENTER benefits of our residents:

  • 24-hour supportive nursing care
  • Activites program which helps to:
    1. reinforce patient goals achieved in therapy
    2. keep patients connected to activities that are meaningful to them
    3. give patients access to try new activities as they choose
  • Social work services ensure psychosocial well-being and effective discharge planning
  • Nutritional expertise on-site which helps patients have more energy in therapy
  • Age-appropriate peer groups to support the social needs of your patients
  • The ability to stay in our hometown community
  • The option of entering the nursing center directly from┬áhome or after a hospital stay